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Relationships, Trust, Honesty

Our company was established to leverage capital, forge relationships, maximize opportunities, and to grow the market.   With a range of industry partners, we produce vast solutions to the growing of Hemp and the distribution of Hemp bi-products.

Partnering and Success

 We partner with local Farmers and Land Holders.  We furnish the funds, extend expert advice and experienced consultation to promote successful growth based upon Genetics.  Our list of large agricultural farmers and hobby growers are our Share Croppers and Joint Ventures.  Our team stands ready to guide each customer individually to explore his/her options, to ensure he/she is leveraging the best that the industry holds and to seek choices for each individual's needs. 

Our Promise to You

In order to provide our partners with the highest level of service, we strive tirelessly to serve each customer and to meet his/her goals.  This industry is  evolving, and the dedicated professionals of Well Rooted Hemp promise the smartest solutions to overcome obstacles and to sample success.

Industry Solutions and Opportunities

Feminized Seed Production

We have done our best to combine research and development to grow high quality varieties of CBD and CBG Hemp seeds for sale and use.  Positioned to strict industry guidelines and standards for total THC levels, we stand at the forefront of feminized seeds with great potential for the future.


Seedling and Clone Production

Through negotiated Green House alliances, we are expanding our square footage for the distribution and use of CBD and CBG  Hemp Clones and Seedling Plantings.

Highest Quality CBD, CBG, and USDA Organic Hemp Flower and Oil

We distribute a multi-line of marketed goods, from wholesale to dispensaries to retail distribution centers. Our reliable, quality and highly potent  CBD, CBG and USDA Organic Hemp flower and oil  fuel customer wishes.

Our Team

Dr. David Crocker/COO- Plainwell MI -Grow Facility

Dr. David Crocker has shown his commitment to the industry through his success as an MD advocating for the healing of illness using Cannabis and Hemp.  David is an owner/operator of a medical center. He carries his own product line under the heading "Solutions by Dr. Dave"and the "Premier Hemp Co."

https://www.solutionsbydrdave.com/,  https://www.premierhempcompany.com/


Wade Woytal/CFO-Kalamazoo, MI- HQ

With 20 years of successful expansion of  a multi-franchised mortgage operation, Wade has balanced local sophistication with systems and service.   His leadership has brought recognized branding. 


Ryan Ivens/CTO-Delton, MI -Grow Facility

A Master Cannabis Grower for most of his life, Ryan has utilized his knowledge of the industry and nation-wide network connections to pursue excellence in the business.  Research and experience have molded him into the best of his craft. 

Aaron Hatfield/Director of Operations- Plainwell MI- Grow Facility

Ranked as a Master Grower, Aaron has dedicated his entire life to growing this plant with developed details.   Aaron's plant care and monitoring exceeds conventional standards.  This has set Aaron apart as a leader in the industry.  He has expressed his love for the plant and its science in these words: "This is not work; this is my Passion!" 

Kimberly Ivens/Director of Operations-Delton, MI-Grow Facility

Educated and a graduate of Michigan State University, Kim makes the most of her studies in botany.  She is at home in any grassland, garden or greenhouse.  Kim nurses each plant with its own variables in agricultural health and in best practices.  Her skills are invaluable in Hemp plant growth preparation and analysis. 

More about Us


Services-Helping a Customer Get Started

We partner with local Farmers and Land Holders.  We furnish the funds, extend expert advice and experienced consultation to promote successful growth based upon Genetics.  Our list of large agricultural farmers and hobby growers are our Share Croppers and Joint Ventures.   Our proprietary solutions, outlets, and communication put's us at the forefront of success for farmers and partners!  This is industry has its challenges with many farmers finding poor genetics (inconsistent % yields), harvesting bottlenecks, drying missteps, lack of reliable processing and failing to sell their products.  These areas and more are where a good partnership leads to successful outcomes.   

A Cause for Celebration

In November 2019, we hosted a ground-breaking event in a new State of the art Green House.  This year-round growing facility is on a partners's property.  Its is a proud structure which supports our multifaceted operation.


The Founders of Well Rooted Hemp are trust-worthy individuals with great integrity.  Customers would benefit greatly by strong relationships with them.

Specializing in Opportunities

Come and serve as a Share-Cropping joint venture.  Our unique set of Genetics will sell.  Successful strains like low THC(a), CBD and CBG will remain winners.  Through discussions, we give our partners access to our knowledge for reliable growing, as well as access to seller/dealer channels.  Well Rooted Hemp seeks to partner their products as innovation sweeps the industry.

Recent News

WE are ready for another Allegan County Share-Cropping Agreement.  Are you next in line?  Contact Us!

What's Next?

It's time to flash to the future!  Enter 2020!  Inquire about our top line of CBG flower and oil products!  Sign a guaranteed contact for CBG supplies, while they last!  Check out our USDA Certified Products for every  use case coming in 2020!

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